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    You don’t have a spirit. You are a spirit and you have a body.

The spirit is that intangible essence which makes you human being.

The spirit is that special part of you that drives your inborn curiosity to searching for meaning in life and realigning your sense of self to something bigger than yourself by defying the mechanistic model of the Newtonian limited world.

Spirituality is that very special gift, that innate ability to do very special things that would be impossible to do if you would be nothing but an intelligent, genetically programmed chemical machine, as the conventional medical model claims you are.

You don’t really need to learn spirituality. As spirituality is an inborn ability, all you have to do in order to benefit from it, is to allow it to be part of your life. As observation is an intellectual activity and perception is a spiritual process, your cognition appears to be a tool you use to observing the limited material world and your spirit is a tool you use to create your limitless spiritual world.

Spirituality is the tool you use in all creative processes. Since creation is an exclusively spiritual process, your creativity actually is conditioned by your spirituality. This is the main reason why Google servers were not able, so far, to create absolutely nothing. These beautifully engineered digital machines are logical, are intelligent, have a privileged access to most of human knowledge, yet, being nothing more than spiritless machines locked in the Newtonian geometric world, computers are unable to create.

When we talk about artists, writers, top scientists, visionary leaders, etc., we always mention inspiration, as intuitively we know that outstanding achievements are not the result of regular intellectual thinking, but mainly the result of inspiration. The word "inspiration" has a profound spiritual meaning. Art is genuine spirituality.

A spiritual awakening can be a gradual process of intellectual self-inquiry, a spontaneous enlightenment, or it can be triggered by a profound spiritual experience, by a significant loss, or by a near-death experience. Through spiritual awakening you can achieve a deeper self-awareness and a powerful intuition.

It looks like... "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are all Spiritual Beings having a human experience."


...to be continued.

…to be continued.


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By hypnosis you can uncover the contents of your subconscious mind which helps you to heal miraculously and stay healthy, writes VILOO H. ADAJANIA.

Human awareness has three levels: the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the super-conscious mind. Each of these levels of awareness has different contents, and you access each using a different type of thinking.

Your conscious mind consists of your everyday perceptions, thoughts, attitudes and feelings – the facets about yourself of which you are very much aware. This part of your mind is with you through all of your waking hours.

The subconscious mind is a hidden storehouse of memories, deep feelings, desire and aspirations, motives, knowledge and other intensely meaningful aspects of yourself of which you are not usually aware. The subconscious mind is gigantic in size and power compared to the conscious mind. Austrian Neurologist and Psychiatrist, Sigmund Freud’s model of human consciousness looked like an iceberg, with conscious mind at the top (the part you can see above the water) and subconscious mind enormous but hidden (the part submerged under water).

The subconscious mind has numerous functions. It plays a role in guiding your bodily process: your heartbeat, circulation, immune functioning, and so forth. It also contains a library-like catalogue of your life’s experiences and the thoughts and feelings associated with your important events.

The third level of human awareness is the super-conscious mind, which is literally infinite in power. The super-conscious mind exists at two levels: the individual super-conscious mind and the Universal Super-conscious Mind. The form of thought that is required to access the individual super-conscious mind is intuitive thought – a deep, immediate and accurate sense of knowing something that we could not necessarily know through simple logic.

A vast majority of people have had an intuitive experience. If you are a parent, perhaps you have awakened in the middle of the night with a nagging fear that something is wrong with your daughter who is away from home. You call her the next day and you discover that she is sick and upset. If you have been through something like this, you have experienced intuitive thought.

Intuitive thought is a subtle form of awareness most people do not ‘hear’ due to the chatter that goes on in their mind. But this awareness is nonetheless present in all people. It is the silent mind that is able to experience and develop this sense further.

Universal super-conscious awareness is something you can reach via meditative thought. Meditative thought opens up your awareness that lets you experience yourself as ‘one’ with the Universal Super-conscious Mind (God).

Think of the Universal Super-conscious Mind as a vast ocean and your individual super-consciousness as a wave on this ocean. The wave is of the same substance as the ocean and always connected to it. The important thing to realize is that an aspect of your mind exists in constant communion with the Universal Super-conscious Mind. You are unconscious of this fact and because you are unconscious of it, you cannot tap into its abundance and get it working for you. You simply have to know how to ‘think’ or commune with this source on its own terms. Meditation will help you in magnificent ways.

This then, are the three levels of human awareness.

There is an interesting fact about the subconscious mind. A psychological wall stops what is in the subconscious mind from going into the conscious mind and so you are not conscious or aware of what really ails you. In psychology this wall is known as the ‘gatekeeper’. Hypnosis is a therapy which moves the gatekeeper out of the way by calming the mind, at which point the gatekeeper simply relaxes and slides out of the way, allowing you to have access to the contents of your conscious and subconscious minds at the same time.

So, by hypnosis you can prevent negative subconscious thinking from sabotaging you. You have to get both the conscious mind and the subconscious mind to ‘think positively’ if you want to get better results. The illness in your body has a mental root related to your ‘story behind the story’. You must counteract the distorted thinking that hinders you. One highly efficient way to do this is through ‘direct suggestions’ under hypnosis. Under hypnosis, the door to the subconscious mind is open, and the subconscious mind is likely to agree to and adopt acceptable positive suggestions for healing.

‘Hypnotic Regression’ (going back in time) is also an extremely powerful tool, which will allow you to revisit your past to discover and release old trauma and emotional pain. The power of this method grows with each application, and most people need a series of about four sessions to attain sufficient depth of exploration, since our emotions are many-layered.

By the methods used in therapeutic hypnosis, the client will be in control the whole time during hypnotic therapy, fully aware of what’s happening, and will remember everything about his experience after he is back to a normal waking state of consciousness. In fact, the client cannot stay under hypnosis without the aid of the hypnotherapist. He cannot be caught in hypnosis. Hypnosis is also very relaxing and so people tend to like it. Everyone can be hypnotised. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of human consciousness.

You are doing yourself a great deal of good by going on this ‘exploration’ of yourself. When you do this scan under hypnosis, you might see any number of relationships between your physical problems and the degree of mental dis-ease you carry. This will lead you to tremendous revelations. Explore this openly, and you will come away from this process with a collection of valuable insights that will give you a huge amount of power over your well-being.

(Reference: Book titled “Miraculous Health” by Dr. Rick Levy with Lou Aronica)


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