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Anxiety and stress-related emotional and somatic issues.

        Chronic stress and anxiety are not only facts of modern life, but also a hidden driver of mental and physical health disorders.

Actually, stress and anxiety are the worldwide leading vectors of disability. While most of us experience occasional stressful situations, for some, stress is a day to day struggle. If it becomes chronic, stress will eventually end up affecting your thoughts, feelings, behavior and even your body.

When your are facing a real threat, the stress response helps you fight or flee the threat. Unfortunately, when the threat exists only in your mind, the subconscious mind doesn't realize that there is no real threat and, over time, when this stress response is repetitively triggered, nature's biological response to a threat ends up actually doing more harm than good.

While your body is in the middle of a stress response, your body's nourishing, self-maintenance and self-repair functions come to a screeching halt. As a result, the effects of chronic wear and tear on the human body take their toll, and you wind up sick. While there is an emotional aspect to almost every disease, various medical conditions are related to chronic stress and anxiety.

By releasing  stress and anxiety, your body creates a loop of positive feedback through the  autonomic nervous system, feedback that can lead to significant improvement in symptoms of autoimmune disorders, addiction and behavioural issues,  skin disorders, cardiovascular diseases, eating and gastrointestinal disorders, pain and idiopathic issues, reproductive issues, multifactorial and systemic diseases and many other chronic conditions.*

When it comes to a fractured bone, the standard medical approach is to align and immobilize the bone and then let it heal. Because this approach to a broken bone, always works. When dealing with chronic anxiety or stress, neuro-linguistic-programming, EFT, art-therapy, mindfulness, yoga, craniosacral therapy, gravity blanket, mini-horses therapy and many other approaches based on very contradictory and yet scientific models are available to tackle the problem.

Yet, the empirical approach in somatic hypnotherapy is the only one to support its promise to uproot and winnow away stress, anxiety and emotional trauma with not only the guarantee of "no cure - no pay" but with the promise of experiencing your good results on the spot. Because, just like the antivenom that reacts almost instantly if it is the right one, you will experience the good results of your somatic hypnosis immediately after your session.

The following conditions may be aggravated, triggered or even caused by stress and anxiety or may be conditions for which you may be at increased risk if you are exposed to prolonged or intense anxiety and stress.

Autoimmune diseases

Addictions and behavioural troubles

Cardiovascular and heart disease

Eating and gastrointestinal disorders

Pains and unexplained (Idiopathic) troubles

Reproductive and sexual  dysfunction

Skin and oral disorders

Multi-factorial and systemic disease

As long as today stressors are some of the leading causes of countless chronic diseases, can conquering this bodily reaction be the answer to all of our health woes?


You are here for a reason and whatever that reason is, don't allow it to cripple your life.

The "No Cure - No Pay" principle applies to all my therapies.

Contact me and book your appointment today! Let this be the most exciting experience of your life, and I will be happy to help you on your journey.

Disclaimer: The above content is intended for general informational purposes and does not constitute any psychological or other medical professional advice. I don't diagnose conditions, nor do I interfere with any treatments given by your medical professional.

*The results may vary from person to person.

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