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Your mind is more powerful than you think. Your subconscious mind is not passively observing what happens to you. Actually, your sub-consciousness controls and governs up to 95% of your daily life and it is in charge of the proper functioning of your body and your mind. Thus, your subconscious mind is best positioned to understand the causes of your problems.

By tapping into the resources of your sub-consciousness, of that special part of your mind which contains your memories, your feelings, your habits and your self-limiting beliefs, you could gain access to unlock your true potential or to make swift changes in your life, as you wish. Happiness, serenity and health are not accidents that randomly happen to some people and not to others. These are long-term goals and aspirations that you can actively envision, seek out and attain. Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better through change. Don't wait for it, work for it!

Somatic hypnotherapy can help you explore the limits of your subconscious mind and get what you really want; it can help you become happier and healthier, can enhance your life and it can help you live it in the present. When other approaches are failing, somatic hypnosis therapy is often called as last resort therapy for a surprisingly large variety of emotional, somatic and well-being related issues. My claims are backed by the principle of "no cure - no pay" which is the guarantor of my strong work ethic.

Somatic hypnotherapy is a holistic therapeutic approach that incorporates a person’s mind, body, spirit, feelings and emotions in the healing process. The foundation of this healthy-living philosophy is that the human body has an innate pre-programmed healing intelligence that is called "vitality" or "life force". The concept of vitality as an innate mechanism in charge of self-healing, regenerating and nourishing the body has evolved and gained scientific recognition, being known as the autonomic nervous system self-regulation mechanism.

Unlike cognitive therapies that focus on the cognitive component of your emotions (what you think about your feelings), the somatic hypnotherapy focuses on the somatic component of your emotions (your feelings). Because in real life, as soon as powerful feelings are involved, your behavior will most likely be driven by your feelings rather than by what you think about your feelings. This is why, the factual details of your past are not necessarily of great interest for a somatic hypnotherapist, as this is not essential for him in order to help you solve your problem.

Once this inexhaustible resource of health is identified, all that you will have to do is to find a simple, fast and secure way to reach it. That is my role: to assist, guide and help you so that you can gain a privileged access to tap into your inner subconscious resources and to trigger your own self-healing process by activating your own self-repairing mechanisms through your autonomic nervous system. Thus, the somatic hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for change that draws on your own resources through a process of neuro-linguistic modulation of the autonomic nervous system.

The process of neuro-linguistic modulation of the autonomic nervous system is the hallmark of somatic hypnotherapy, and it consists in using a very particular way of speaking to your subconscious mind using a metaphorical language that nevertheless is clearly understandable and very precise in his intentions. The beauty of this approach is that I’ll assist you while you’ll reprogram your sub-consciousness by clearly asking for the changes you want to experience. And your sub consciousness will submissively respond and follow your instructions exactly the way you will instruct it.

With somatic hypnotherapy, you won't undergo a passive script therapy. This brief therapy is a guided, fast and safe way for you to reach your own subconscious mind and thus to experience the opportunity of identifying and clearing whatever pain, unpleasant feeling, negative emotion or behavior is undesirable in your present life. I will be there for you, mostly guiding and assisting you throughout the process of change. Thus, you will become the craftsman of your own change, as you wish.

Unlike the conventional hypnotherapy approaches that focus on adding a fresh layer of positive feelings on top of your lasting fears and traumas, the somatic hypnotherapy is all about releasing the past by rearranging the emotional reading of the past traumatic experiences. This therapy works with your model of the world and you are getting involved in your therapy process, so that changes are more likely to be easily accepted and long-lasting.

Your body, as well as your soul, knows how to heal. Take good care of them, listen to them and cherish yourself. Learn to trust your intuition and to respect your body's wisdom. It is smarter than you think!

You are here for a reason and whatever that reason is, don't allow it to cripple your life.

The "No Cure - No Pay" principle applies to all my therapies.

Contact me and book your appointment today! Let this be the most exciting experience of your life, and I will be happy to help you on your journey.

Disclaimer: The above content is intended for general informational purposes and does not constitute any psychological or other medical professional advice. I don't diagnose conditions, nor do I interfere with any treatments given by your medical professional.

*The results may vary from person to person.

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