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“This hypnotherapy was life changing for me. It completely lifted deep oppressive feelings of stress and anxiety that I had and which I did not realize had such weight on my life and overall state of mind until they were lifted. I am grateful every day that life led me to find Alex and his therapy and I write this post hoping it can leads others to the same. Thank you Alex for you genuine and thorough approach.” Linda M. – posted on Yelp

"I had a very powerful experience with Alex and somatic hypnotherapy. I felt significant improvement after just the first session and even more peace and tranquility after the second. Most of the tension I was carrying in my body is gone. The issues from my past that we addressed during our sessions that had caused me pain no longer bother me in the same way. I haven't felt this light in years. I would highly recommend Alex and somatic hypnotherapy to anyone suffering from anxiety or stress." H. Rood

"I was struggling with my negative emotions for a long time to the point that it was debilitating and I could not work. I’ve tried different forms of therapy that did not work however this one did! Thank you so much for changing my life, I am forever grateful. I highly recommend this service! Thank you again!" Daniella M.

”Somatic hypnotherapy has been one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. Only one session of this mind blowing approach put an end to my many years of suffering. I highly recommend it to anyone with a health problem, be it emotional or somatic. Alex is a genuine and trustworthy hypnotherapist. Highly recommended!” Karina I.

“I wasn't sure what to expect at first but Mr. Priala made me feel comfortable and in just one session I noticed positive changes in all the areas addressed during the session. Mr. Priala is confident and reassuring. I wish I would have come across his services earlier. If you are hesitant I strongly suggest you try because you have nothing to lose and so much to gain” Suzana B.

"I went into a session with no idea what to expect outside of what I had seen on TV. Mr. Priala absolutely surpassed my expectations. Suffering with so many physical symptoms manifested by emotions, Mr. Priala guided me through everything to thoroughly allow traumas to leave my body, thus healing or improving a myriad of symptoms. He educated me on so much, and I left feeling not only gratitude for meeting someone as incredible at the craft as he is, but also empowered to take charge of my health, learning how to let go. I 100% recommend him to anyone suffering with inexplicable symptoms, and anyone truly willing and ready to change their lives. He is a blessing." Rosie L.P.

"It’s been over a month since I had my appointment, and I needed to wait to ensure the results were not just a dream....Coming from a scientific background and being a rational and discreet person, I decided to test this approach out of curiosity and was happy to see how simple and respectful it was, exempt of magic and not intrusive. I’m still amazed by the simplicity of the approach and its lasting effect. I am still the same person; touched and moved by the same things BUT, not affected as much as I would in the past, which gives me full access to my brain to make rational decisions. What is more amazing is the effects after only one session. There is no magic, but it feels like magic. Thank you." Audrey H.

“My hypnotherapy session was eye-opening! It really helped me let go of stories that kept me stuck and re-living the painful scenarios of my past. It got me to see just how quickly emotional pain can dissipate with the right kind of process. I now understand the relationship between my thoughts and feelings and I know this wisdom will help me be more resilient in my life from now on. Thank you Alex to have helped me see clearly!” Elina S.

"A Powerful enlightening experience. I had the opportunity to work with Alex Priala to tackle many issues that were holding me back by acknowledging my feelings somatically. I felt a significant change after one session and by the second, I have overcome So much trauma and pain. The changes are ever lasting and I never felt this empowered. He provides a safe space to understand you and support your healing. I highly recommend somatic hypnotherapy guided by Alex to heal! Thank you Alex :)"  Olivia E.

"A lot of experience, great person and amazing results! Highly recommended!" Y. D. Yuan

"Anxiety, fear, paranoia and negative thoughts has intermittently taken over me the past year due to a certain life situation. I meditate, affirmations, cold showers, gratitude, you name it. I Crossfit at least 3 times a week and on a plant based for years. Bloodwork impeccable. I still had a hard time shaking it off. I took and appointment with Alex in attempt to reprogram my mind. Not sure exactly what he did but it has been 3 days since my session, and I have been very calm since. Alex takes his time. Does not pressure you and genuinely wants to help. I asked him about another session and his words were: “you don’t need it”. I am still confused on how he was so confident, but I guess he mastered his craft." Mike B.

"Mr. Priala embodies the traits of a healer. I felt safe and heard and i feel i finally put what was blocking me behind. Not only is the hypnosis effective, the changes are immediate and they keep growing with time. I got to change things that were holding me back." Doha M.

"I have had the good fortune and blessings to have met Alex to work on my emotions generated by my severe anxiety. Alex was able to clear several traumatic events in my life and as such, they don’t present any unpleasant emotions anymore when I think about them or when similar situations present themselves.  I’m very grateful to God for these extraordinary changes and for having guided me to Alex along my spiritual path.
Thank you Alex and God bless you." Ara A.

"Despite my mixed feelings of hope and reluctance I had towards the promises of this approach, my experience has been very positive. It's been a few weeks since I came to see Mr Priala for old emotional and somatic issues. I am still puzzled by the surpriding effectiveness of this seemingly simple, yet very distinct and consistent approach. I started to experience significant changes during therapy and things continue to improve. Thank you for the mind opening session!" J. Kirshner

“I feel so much better finally I found myself and I can breathe again...anxiety and everything that comes with it is gone. Thank you!”  Christina T.

"I definitely recommend Somatic Hypnotherapy! It gives you a chance to heal from whatever you are going through and recover!” Annie G.

“I had a great experience. Alex helped me deal with my anxiety and now I feel more at peace with myself.” Michele A.

“I have met with Mr. Priala a couple of times for different issues and I have to say his methods are amazing! He is honest, very professional and takes the time to truly understand and help. You don't feel rushed. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking help. ” Anne L.

“I was having extremely high anxiety that was preventing me from being able to function in every day life. After a couple of sessions with M. Priala, my anxiety has been significantly reduced. I still have a little, but I've been able to resume a fairly normal life. I can even think about the source of my anxiety and only feel a small twinge, rather than being paralyzed by it.” Sara D.

“I highly recommend Somatic Hypnotherapy with Alex. I have noticed a large change in my life with the short time we have spent together. Dealing with addiction and traumatic events, Alex has helped me get control and change the way I deal with these issues. In many occasions I have been able to write and phone Alex when I feel I'm loosing control, and each time he has help me get back on the right path. I am truly grateful to have met Alex and tried Somatic Hypnotherapy.´Karim S.

"I had a very nice experience.  I highly recommend. Thank you M. Priala!" Pura V.

“This therapy has helped me with my old roots that I was not able to uproot on my own. I still have issues with my stress though.” Tracy G.

“Alex helped me a lot. He really knows what he is doing. He is very trustworthy, and honest. I would recommend his services to anyone.” Jennifer P.

“Very good experience with this therapy, it was truly helpful in my recovery during a difficult period in my life.” Marcia R.

“Just one session with Alex and I already see improvements in my anxiety and stress responses! Thank you!” Stefanie M.

“Had my doubts about hypnotherapy, feeling anxious because of major surgery coming-up and also claustrophobic, had one session with Alex and I have no more doubts, problems solved. Thank you Alex!” Alain H.

«J’aimerais exprimer toute ma gratitude envers monsieur Priala pour l’extraordinaire expérience vécue lors de ma 1ère session d’hypnothérapie à vie ainsi que pour les bienfaits qui s’en suivent. Je vous le recommande fortement... ce fût très révélateur et positif pour moi.» Josee C.

« Magnifique expérience, je conseille les yeux fermés, son approche et son professionnalisme sont incroyable. Il nous met en confiance et une fois l'expérience finie on se sent frais, grand et fort que ce soit pour la phobie ou une douleur pesante et accablante il redonne courage et force de continuer sans ces peurs craintes et doutes...Merci infiniment Alex. » Corinne B.

« Monsieur Priala, Je vous remercies de votre sincérité, de votre empathie et de votre enthousiame. J'ai toujours confondu mon plan avec ceux des autres, mais notre premier séance fut un réveil d'alarme qui a changé ma vie. Malgré le fait que je n'ai pas eu de réelles traumatismes, vous m'avez aidé à mieux maîtriser et comprendre mes émotions, afin de me rendre plus intelligent qu'auparavant. L'expérience fut rapide, discret et calme, mais je n'oublierais l'impacte que cela a fait sur ma vie. Merci à vous, j'ai trouvé mon rêve. » M. Fang

« C'est en deux séances qu'Alex Priala m'a aidé à faire la paix avec de vieux sentiments qui m'empêchaient de vivre pleinement ma vie présente. Si vous êtes motivé et prêt pour changer, je vous recommande ses services. » Marie-Claire C.

« Au-delà de l'aide que Alex Priala m'a apporté pour une peur de l'avion, j'ai retenu un enseignement utile pour rester en contrôle de ma vie. Je recommande son précieux service.» Caroline D.

« Très professionnel et très efficace! Une phobie qui m’accompagnait depuis mon enfance est chose du passé. Je vous le recommande!” Gabrielle C.

« Pour avoir fait de l'hypnose traditionnelle, l'hypnose somatique n'a pas besoin de savoir d'où vient le problème; on travaille les ressentis sans en connaîtrela source. "On se fou de comment le bras s'est cassé, on veut le réparer c'est tout. Depuis ce jour, mon énergie à changée, les gens m'abordent d'une autre façon, les personnes négatives se sont tassées et de nouvelles entrent dans ma vie. Le site d'Alex Priala explique très bien le processus. Merci Alex!" » François C.

« J'ai rencontré M.Priala dans le cadre de mon cheminement personnel. Avec un bel éthique, il a su m'accompagner et m'aider à me soulager d'un poids de souffrance qui m'empêchait de respirer profondément. Je profite maintenant de la vie et cultive davantage la gratitude. Merci M.Priala. » Élaine L.

« Merci à vous cher Alex.  Je crois que je vais garder pour toujours avec moi les images de cet endroit où je me suis retrouvé par votre guidance. Pourquoi cet endroit? Je ne sais pas, mais c’est ce qui s’est passé qui a tellement de valeur pour moi maintenant. Comme la mémoire d’un voyage extraordinaire et initiatique. » Serge L.

« Alex a permis de réduire mon anxiété, stress et me recentrer en 2 séances. Bravo! » Roch M.

« Merci Alex! Vous m'avez permis d'éliminer les sentiments négatifs liés à plusieurs expériences que j'ai vécu. Seul je n'aurai pas été capable de faire ce ménage dans ma conscience. Je suis profondément soulagé des douleurs physiques et émotionnelles que j'ai accumulé avant de vous rencontrer. Je recommande à tout le monde l'hypnothérapie pour mieux vivre avec soi-même et les autres. » Pierre Antoine B.

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