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Loss, breakup and sorrow

    Grief is part of the process of healing and recovery from a loss.

Grieving is a personal experience with a strong cultural perspective and there is no pattern regarding the length of mourning and grief.

Experiencing a loss takes a heavy toll on your emotional health. Regardless of how you grieve your loss, grief is sufferance, and there is always a point when you cannot take it anymore. There always comes a day when you want to let go and you want to step further, beyond your painful feelings.

As you know, you are the master of your destiny, despite the popular belief  that happiness and misery are caused by external factors and events that happen to you, such as: health issues, significant loss, aging, family, career, financial issues, social tides, loneliness, life’s purpose, self-esteem, etc.

However, you are not passively undergoing any of the above life facts. You are the one who makes sense of these life facts and perceive them as terrible, stressful, emotionally neutral or joyful events. Thus, your life is a dynamic process shaped rather by how you respond to what you perceive happens to you than what actually happens to you.

When you feel overwhelmed by strong feelings, you are prone to think, say and do things that you would not do if you were in a calm state of mind. When you have difficulties in managing your reactions and if you’ll neglect and allow your powerful feelings to pile up, over time they can wreak havoc on all aspects of your emotional and somatic health. Therefore, somatic hypnosis therapy is always an option to consider, whether you are at the beginning of your misery, disappointed with other approaches or you are already living with unpleasant feelings on a daily basis and you are tired of learning how to cope with your negative feelings.

In real life, you won't really "think" about whether you're in love or you're terrified of something. You feel it and you trust your feelings. Because what you feel is more powerful than what you think about what you feel, more than likely, your life will be driven by your feelings, like it or not ! While good feelings are driving your life on the path of health, happiness, serenity and fulfillment, unpleasant feelings foster negative outcomes. Yet, when there isn't any feeling involved, most likely you'll act rationally. However, as you well know, such an emotionless life would be at high risk to become very boring.

When you live with unpleasant feelings on a daily basis, I would not bet that by thinking about them, by talking about them, by a better understanding of what is going on or by learning how to cope with your negative feelings, your knots in the stomach will disappear or will turn into butterflies, overnight. For, whatever feeling arises against your will, it will not succumb to your reason. Only what is born of reason can eventually be banned by the critical judgment. This is why my pragmatic approach aims to help you to identify, evaluate, uproot from the subconscious mind and winnow away, as you wish, your unpleasant feelings related to a large variety of issues.*

Unfortunately, beginning the healing and recovery process is not simple. When your grief lasts too long or is too intense, when you are going to extremes to avoid thinking or talking about your loss, when you have no more tears to cry, when you’re overwhelmed and incapacitated  because of your persistent pain, sorrow, sadness and fear, then, most probably, you need help.

When you’ll be ready to let go of your loss and to move on, I can help you ease your painful feelings that are holding you back. You can’t be free of your past as long as you don't release the negative emotions attached to it. Somatic hypnotherapy can help you to release the sadness, anger, rage, resentment, blame, terror and the underlying feelings of pain, helplessness, and fear. This therapy can help you to ease your pain and to remain calm and rational when thinking or talking about your loss.

Grief, that feeling of deep distress caused by loss, sorrow, disappointment, or other misfortune is the powerful driving force behind your painful symptoms of bereavement. Grief can give you a large diversity of both emotional and physical symptoms because this painful sadness is the root source of your unpleasant symptoms. Somatic hypnotherapy can help you to ease your grief by releasing the root source of your painful sadness.

My therapeutic approach is focused on feelings and is based on the physiological and neurological models of behavioural response rather than on the cognitive models. From this biological perspective, emotions are at the heart of life's regulatory processes of all living creatures, regardless of whether we are talking about emotions that are genetically determined or those that are somehow the result of a cognitive process. When they occur, emotions cause a change in the state of both the mind and the body. Therefore, you can control your emotions only to the extent that you can change the state of your body that caused or has been caused by that emotion, or the way you feel it.

According to this biological approach, decisionmaking in your daily life is much more about emotion-driven habits, desires and rewards than about rational choices. For as long as your good emotions are driving your life on the path of happiness, you'll assume this is the expected result of your rational choices. Only when your life starts carrying the burden of your bad decisions you realize that your emotions have a powerful grip on your decision-making processes. Once there, if you want to regain the control over your life, you'll have the option to invest yourselves in a long process of educating your rational brain on how to better negotiate your decisions with your emotional brain, or to take the somatic hypnotherapy shortcut, with almost instant good results.

Unlike conventional hypnotherapy approaches that focus on adding a fresh layer of positive emotions on  top of your lasting fears and traumas, the somatic hypnotherapy is all about releasing the past by rearranging the emotional reading of the past traumatic experiences. This therapy works with your model of the world and you are getting involved in your therapy process, so that changes are more likely to be easily accepted and long lasting. Once you release the causal emotions of your sorrow, you can change your perception of those past experiences, which in turn will readjust your behaviour.

Thanks to a privileged access to your sub-consciousness, somatic hypnotherapy remains the tool of choice to get over a painful bereavement, because it is your subconscious mind that keeps you stuck in your past even though your rational mind understands that it's time to move on.

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome your grief and regain the joy of life. Somatic hypnotherapy won't over-write or change your thoughts or your feelings, but it can help you to think, feel and live the way you want by helping you to release anything that holds you in the past and stops you from thinking, feeling or living the way you want.*

I can help you to develop a sense of renewed meaning and purpose in life and to awaken your interest in new relationships, sex, hobbies, recreation, or other things you used to find enjoyable.

I can help you regain your confidence. I can help you to become the person you always wanted to be.

Whatever your grieving may be, don't allow it to cripple your life.

The "No Cure - No Pay" principle applies to all my therapies.

Contact me and book your appointment today! Let this be the most exciting experience of your life, and I will be happy to help you on your journey.

Disclaimer: The above content is intended for general informational purposes and does not constitute any psychological or other medical professional advice. I don't diagnose conditions, nor do I interfere with any treatments given by your medical professional.

*The results may vary from person to person.

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