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Breaking addictions and bad habits

    In my approach, addiction is a serious problem, but it is not an illness in itself. Regardless of their nature, addictions are are unhealthy coping strategies that become bad habits.

Yet, changing a bad habit is not an easy task. However, by tapping into your own subconscious ressources through somatic hypnotherapy, could make your change much easier.

As you overindulge in too much comfort food, smoking, alcohol, or drugs, the brain will compensate by decreasing the associated sense of pleasure and reward. Thus, with time you won't feel the pleasure and reward you once had in the beginning of your addiction.

As a result, you'll develop a tolerance and you'll want more and more of your fix, willing to achieve the same "high" you once had and consequently your addiction will grow stronger. Although your logic and rational decision-making conscious mind understands that you are about to be caught by an addiction, most probably it will be very difficult for you to overcome your habit using your willpower alone.

Addictions are emotion-driven master programs stored in the subconscious mind and, therefore, habits are very difficult to be accessed or reprogrammed through a cognitive understanding or by rational willpower alone. Therefore, quitting for good might be a challenge, as the nature of the addiction is to control and manipulate your thoughts and decisions, so that you will keep on denying it and indulging in your guilty pleasures.

Once you are hooked by the powerful emotions associated with an addiction, I wouldn't bet that you can overpower it by thinking about it, by talking about it or by a better understanding of what is going on. The instant you start thinking of your favourite chocolate, of your last sip, your last cigarette, or your last fix, the next one is already on its way. Unfortunately, it seems to be difficult not to think about it, as this is the nature of all addictions, to control your thoughts through powerful feelings associated with withdrawal symptoms, each time when the fix doesn’t come in time. Because, whatever feeling arises against your will, it will not succumb easily to your reason.

Craving is that powerful desire to get your fix, it is the driving force behind all your withdrawal symptoms. The craving can give you a large diversity of both emotional and physical symptoms, because craving is the root source of your withdrawal symptoms. The somatic hypnotherapy approach helps you to release the withdrawal symptoms by easing their root source through winnowing away the powerful emotions and feelings associated with the craving and by waiving away the desire to consume.

According to this holistic approach, bad habits and addictions are always fuelled by persistent stress and anxiety, and triggered by emotional vulnerabilities. So, treating the emotional causal roots as you perceive them, is the right key to breaking the vicious circle of any addiction. As well, treating the emotional real causal roots of your addiction will prevent you from migrating your addictions, as to starting to “eat or to drink your emotions” as soon as you’ll stop “smoking” them. My therapeutic approach is focused on emotions  and is based on the physiological and neurological models of the behavioural response.

From this biological and neurophysiological perspective, emotions are at the heart of life's regulatory processes of all living creatures, regardless of whether we are talking about emotions that are genetically determined or those that are the result of perception or of a cognitive process. When they occur, emotions cause a change in the state of your physiology, your mind and your body. Therefore, you can control your unwanted emotions only to the extent that you can change your physiology (your chemistry), change the thoughts that have created or have been created by the unwanted emotion, or change the state of your body (your emotional feelings) associated with the unwanted emotion.

According to this biological approach, decision-making in your daily life is much more about emotion-driven habits, desires and rewards than about rational choices. For as long as your good emotions are driving your life on the path of happiness, you'll assume this is the expected result of your rational good choices. Only when your life starts taking the burden of your bad decisions, you realize that your emotions have a powerful grip on your decision-making processes. Once there, if you want to regain the control over your life, you'll have the option to invest yourself into a long process of educating your rational brain on how to better negotiate your decisions with your emotional brain, or to take the somatic hypnotherapy shortcut, with instant good results.

The ultimate goal of somatic hypnotherapy is to help you to build a lasting, healthy and sustainable control over your behaviour.* You have all the skills you need to get over an addiction or a bad habit: it's all about tapping into that resource. I'm here to help you to release your power to control and change your habits. However, the decision to stop your consumption belongs to you.

Thanks to a privileged access to your sub-consciousness, somatic hypnotherapy remains the tool of choice to overcome an addiction, because it is your subconscious mind that keeps you hooked, even though your rational mind understands how much your addiction is harming you.

Whatever the nature of your addiction, somatic hypnotherapy could help you to overcome it as this approach allows you to uproot the emotional roots of your addiction, to dissociate the "fun" of your consumption, and to ease or clear all your withdrawal symptoms.*

Whatever your addiction or bad habit is, don't allow it to cripple your life.

The "No Results - No Pay" principle applies to all my therapies.

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Disclaimer: The above content is intended for general informational purposes and does not constitute any psychological or other medical professional advice. I don't diagnose conditions, nor do I interfere with any treatments given by your medical professional.

*The results may vary from person to person.

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