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About perception

    Adaptive evolution is the key to survival. We are born perfectly adapted for our survival, life’s fulfillment and evolution.

We start creating our own world way before our birth. Besides our biological identity, we inherit  a good part of our deeply ingrained attitudes, behaviour patterns and most of our patterns of beliefs. Even though perception is the main tool we use to create our reality, we inherit its core foundation.

From our birth, we connect to our new environment on an energetic and emotional level. Babies feel our presence and decode emotions way before they understand rationally what that presence or emotion is. Then, the connection process deepens, and while learning to use words as communication tools, the gap between a kid’s perceived world and a materialistic adult’s observed world widens.

We discover that kids have difficulties understanding why they cannot visit their favourite grandparent just because he/she lives somewhere far away. All this because, unlike adults, young kids don't perceive space and time as absolute given values, just as they don’t understand death. Since kids are very adaptive, they will generally adopt our conventional Newtonian standards and the associated limited view of the world. Most of them will keep this limited materialistic understanding for the rest of their lives.

Existential curiosity or a professional career will lead some of us to top scientific careers and give us the opportunity to discover that science does not really create, but mostly helps us to observe and copy nature. So, we come to understand that the Newtonian view of the world is called "limited" because it applies only to the observable world. When things are too small, too big or move too fast to be observed, materialistic laws no longer apply. So, when we push our instruction to the limit, we actually return our understanding to the child’s intuitive, metaphysical perception of the world.

As we advance our scientific knowledge, we discover that time and space can be extended, bent or collapsed; we discover that the so-called material atomic structure is not really material but mostly empty space. With time, we learn that the world is rather a kind of a holographic illusion than a tangible material one. Since certainty is a major existential need, this discovery will puzzle us instead of clarifying things. Consequently, we may question which one of the two completely different worlds is real: The Newtonian material one or the quantum physical energetic one?

As a matter of fact, both worlds are measurable and have been scientifically proven to be real. The materialistic world is rationally observable, and the quantum world is intuitively perceivable. Since the subconscious mind plays a key role in perception, reality is merely perception censored by our belief system. Therefore, the world we live in is always a reflection of ourselves.

So, as the belief system tends to always self-validate, a materialistic limited view will reveal nothing but a materialistic limited world. Consequently, an intuitive visionary view of the world will reveal a world governed by the energetic quantum laws of physics, a magic world that extends far beyond the observable limits.

Space and digital technologies are tangible results of creative, intuitive genius spirits and not of rational analytical minds. Steve Jobs, a technology magician and one of the most innovative and successful businessmen of modern times was such an intuitive genius.

Some people explore their limited materialistic world by observing it, while some other people explore their quantum world by perceiving it!

Our life’s journey is always motivated by our truths and guided by our perceptions.

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