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       Healing is an innate, holistic, transformative process resulting in positive changes, notably controlling or remitting illnesses, relieving symptoms, comforting, finding meaning in life, etc.

As Somatic Hypnotherapy is a naturopathic approach, one of its premises is that the mind and body have an innate capacity to self-heal. The mind knows how to retrieve spiritual and emotional balance and achieve serenity. The body knows how to rebuild broken bones, heal wounds, repair or eliminate diseased cells, restore physiological processes, fight infections, and preserve vitality.

The goal of this approach is to trigger these inborn healing processes. But here's the catch! Although these healing processes are natural self-healing mechanisms, they are energy intensive and, therefore, cannot occur while you are so emotionally drained that all you can do is fight for survival. However, you regain vitality by releasing stress, anxiety, traumas, and pain. Thus, the body creates a positive feedback loop through the autonomic nervous system, which can trigger a healing process that can significantly improve the state of mind and symptoms of various medical conditions.

Even though healing is a self-healing process triggered by removing or correcting the causes of your problems, healing cannot go against your will or beliefs. If you believe everything in life is a miracle and you have already had your Somatic Hypnotherapy session, don't waste time reading further; listen to your spirit and enjoy your ongoing healing. If you don't believe in miracles and still want to welcome your change,  you must feed your cognitive mind with a rational understanding of the healing process.

Whether it is about healing bones or your mind, you'll have to understand, make sense of it, and nurture your ongoing healing process, or at least welcome and protect it. Therefore, no therapy can push your emotional healing beyond the limits of your beliefs about the nature of emotions and how stress, anxiety, trauma, and other unpleasant feelings can impact your state of mind, behavior, and overall well-being.

When it comes to a broken bone, once the fracture has been assessed, the best your orthopedist can do is line up and immobilize the fractured parts of the bone in a cast and let it heal. Wanting to heal and understanding that you must avoid straining the limb with the broken bone while it heals, is your job! When it comes to emotional and behavioral issues, rather than having - as for the fractured bones, a one size fits all model - we are dealing with 82 different scientific models.  

According to my approach, the harsh emotional reality you face is likely due to an unintentional projection of your negative emotional buildup into the background of your daily life emotional reality. Therefore, this approach aims to help you uproot your piled-up stress, anxiety, traumas, pains, and other disturbing feelings you accumulated. Unfortunately, living with negative emotional patterns is like walking with stones in your shoes. It will likely hurt your feet in the long term, and healing those deep wounds cannot happen overnight!

The above assumptions were the guiding philosophy behind identifying and uprooting the top layer of negative emotional buildup made up of your worst memories, a process we completed during your first therapy session. Not only did we remove the unpleasant emotional feelings associated with your worst nightmares, but we tested twice near the end of our meeting to make sure all those disturbing feelings were gone for good. Right after your session, when you mentally review the once stressful, anxious, or traumatic events we worked on, you will be surprised to find that your emotional reality has already shifted.

Although you can still think whatever you want, the pattern of your emotional reactions and the feelings you experience when reviewing the once unpleasant memories is a new reality! When you check your once troubling experiences we have worked on, you'll feel as if your heart has significantly eased or even completely forgotten the stressful, anxious, traumatic, or painful component of the unpleasant past events. All these while your cognitive memory keeps the related images and factual mental details intact!

Just a few days after your first session, the once unpleasant feelings will be so lessened that you will begin to doubt that the issues we worked on, really were your worst nightmares. Not only are your once worst memories rendered linear as if you were watching them from the outside, but many other unpleasant, intertwined, or even unrelated memories are melting away, leaving room for many fond memories that you thought were forgotten. In your case, after your first Somatic Hypnotherapy session, you most likely won't need to see me again, at least for the next few years.

Even if "by removing the stones from your shoes," your emotional reality has already shifted and the healing process was triggered, you are probably only in the early stages of your recovery and, most likely, still far from being "out of the woods" Although you have been an active participant in the process which I have piloted so far - the process in which you have removed the causes of your problems - the healing that ensues is a process for which you are in charge. From now on, the path of your recovery is determined by the layers of resistance to change added by your failed attempts to resolve the issues and, mainly, by whether you are one of those who believe that everything in life is a miracle or of those who believe that miracles don't exist.

If you are of the former, you already know that no matter what you think, your real life always happens inside your heart and spirit, and you become aware of your real life by listening and trusting your feelings. Understanding that what has the potential to fulfill or jeopardise your life are your feelings, you have come to see me because of your overwhelming unpleasant feelings. In your case, avoiding denial or disbelief of your out-of-the-ordinary experience and expressing gratitude for the immediate shift in your emotional reality is, by far, the simplest and most efficient way to protect and nurture your ongoing healing.

Even if you are of those who believe that there is no magic in life, you will have no choice but to notice that at the end of your first therapy session in Somatic Hypnotherapy, your emotional reality has changed profoundly. You will be intrigued to discover that when you mentally review the once stressful, anxious, or traumatic events we have been working on, your memories will unfold linearly without triggering any disturbing feelings. Even if you don't believe in miracles, the emotional change you will experience after your first session is so undeniable that you will have no choice but to take notice that your once worst nightmares we worked on are gone for good as if they had never really been a part of your life.

However, your Cartesian nature, and especially your initial disbelief and denial of the possibility of an out-of-ordinary experience, fueled by your previous failed attempts to solve the problem, will keep you from marveling and accepting your change as a gift even though your change is there! You are not delusional! Your change is real. You can feel it, and you can touch it! Yet your disbelief remains strong. Whatever the nature of your disbelief, it will not have the power to reverse the change that has already occurred. Your recovery may be more laborious but still predictable, although probably not after your first session.

You will scratch deep within your memory of once disturbing events, seeking to revive feelings that were once so unpleasant. You will repeatedly review the images and cognitive memories related to your once unpleasant feelings and increasingly find that the once disturbing feelings are no longer there. Now is the time to pause and realize that you are no longer the same and that your emotional reality has changed for good. This moment could be one of those rare windows of opportunity to completely shift your Cartesian beliefs and intuitively understand that intelligence has been given to us not necessarily to understand it but to welcome and enjoy the miracle of life.

Even though during your first session, the limited time allowed us to work only on the upper level of your worst nightmares, your emotional reality has already shifted - and the change is spectacular! This is your opportunity to appreciate your change and learn to practice gratitude. If, instead of enjoying it, you allow yourself to be seduced into doubt, disbelief or denial, you will continue to scratch the bottom of your negative memories, and you will eventually discover other memories that have the power to awaken unpleasant feelings. In that case, I encourage you to request a follow-up session, and we will continue to work on your goals by suppressing a second layer of unpleasant feelings.

And so, we'll keep suppressing successive layers of unpleasant emotional feelings and emptying your shoes of smaller and smaller stones until we'll remove all layers of negative emotions you accumulated during your life. Or you will end this process of having to remove countless layers of feelings by allowing your belief system to welcome miracles of healing into your life or by taking the time to study and understand that "miracle" is nothing but a term used to fill the gap in an accurate understanding of things. In that case, there are many pages on my site to read and gain a rational understanding of the healing process - demystified and explained in laic, accessible language.

Whatever happens, please don't forget your follow-up e-mail within a few days at the latest. To assess your results, all you need to do is mentally walk yourself through the once unpleasant memories we worked on, browse through the images associated with each of the particular issues we worked on, and rate HOW DO YOU FEEL in regards to each of those issues we worked on during your first session. Please keep in mind that your feedback is an important part of your therapy and can have a significant impact on your ongoing healing process.

The "No Results - No Pay" principle guarantees my integrity and applies to all my therapies.

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