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Learn Somatic Hypnotherapy

  This is an advanced Somatic Hypnotherapy Training Program. The program is offered "à la carte" to established natural therapists who would like to add somatic hypnotherapy as a new tool for their practice.

Somatic hypnotherapy works by rearranging the emotional reading of past traumatic experiences. This technique produces astonishing results very quickly and can help to ease or clear fears, negative feelings, pains, addictions, negative behaviours and so on.*

By integrating Dr. Antonio Damasio's somatic marker behavioural model, somatic hypnotherapy has shifted the therapeutic focus from the cognitive component of the emotions, to the somatic component. Thus, this therapy will focus on how your client feels about what happened rather than on what he thinks about what happened.

If you want quick and reliable results for your patients, consider incorporating somatic hypnotherapy into your practice by attending our full “one-on-one” training. However, this program can be structured to meet your individual needs and preferences. Training can be given à la carte if you desire only certain advanced skills.

Prospective students have the opportunity to choose a training that not only best suits their time considerations, but also addresses their learning styles and dispositions. I can offer an intensive and high-energy course, a more measured approach, or a combination of the two.

  • What is the Hyplife method of hypnotherapy
  • What Hyplife hypnotherapy can do for you
  • An introduction to hypnosis, self-hypnosis and NLP
  • Difference between classical, regression, conversational, analytical, ericksonian, stage and street hypnosis
  • Essence of suggestion therapy
  • Understanding hypnosis and hypnotherapy
  • Rules and model of the mind
  • Induction methods
  • Testing and deepening techniques
  • Trance termination
  • Hypnotherapy scripts
  • Understanding the mind
  • Understanding the brain
  • Intro to Neuroplasticity
  • Intro to Epigenetics
  • Understanding and freeing the energy centers
  • Learn how illness is created and how to heal physical conditions
  • How mind and brain communicate
  • Hands on hypnosis learning
  • Introduction to the quantum field
  • How your mind influences your material world
  • How to connect with all possibilities in quantum field


The topics covered by somatic hypnotherapy training include the following:

  • About Emotions and Feelings - clarifying the confusion

  • Somatic Hypnotherapy – what it is and how it works

  • Understanding the "true" role of the somatic hypnotherapist

  • Effective communication with a client under hypnosis

  • Empathy and active listening

  • Basic protocol for a variety of issues

  • Different methods of working with a client in hypnotherapy

  • Understanding the potential for profound spiritual change under hypnosis

  • The A-to-Z of conducting full Somatic Hypnosis sessions

  • How to help clients withdraw from addictions in one session

  • How to release fears, pains and negative habits

  • How to trigger rapid healing and recovery

  • How to effectively help a pre- or post-surgery patient

  • How you can help a client with a chronic degenerative disease

  • How you can help a client with cancer

  • Establish effective post-therapy anchors

  • And much more…


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*The results may vary from person to person.

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