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Your mind is much more powerful than you think!

The brain can be thought of as a highly sophisticated programmable bio-computer. While everyone has more or less the same brain, what really makes the difference is not the brain itself, but the intangible set of faculties - comprising various cognitive and non-cognitive aspects that act as software - which manages daily life, commonly known as "the mind".

The accessible part of the mind - called consciousness - governs rational thinking, intelligence, cognitive memory, judgment and thoughtful actions, while the subconscious mind operates as an autopilot guided by instincts, habits, intuition and feelings. Although they work so differently, your consciousness and sub-consciousness work together to help you cope with the challenges of everyday life, survive, and thrive.

By tapping into the vast resources of your subconscious mind, you can get what you want most out of life; you can break free from your stressful, anxious or traumatic past, you can live a happier, more serene, healthier and more confident life, and overall you can significantly improve the quality of your life. Everyone wants a better life. However, happiness, health and serenity don't just happen by chance to some lucky people and not to others. These are long-term goals and aspirations that you can actively envision, pursue and achieve.

Although no one really wants to be unhappy, there are unhappy people everywhere. It seems real life doesn't really care about people's desires. Yet, when misfortune strikes them, people tend to believe that they could get rid of their unhappiness just by focusing their brain to wishing it away. While this trick seems to work for some, it didn't work for you. For, although you are the creator of your daily life reality, your reality does not necessarily emerge from your desires, but rather from your behavioral programs deeply rooted in your subconscious mind.

As long as people's life is on the path to happiness, they tend to believe that their well-being is the natural result of their intentional thoughts and good decisions. It is only when life takes a bad turn that people realize that they are only truly in control of their lives until overwhelming feelings take hold. For, you are extremely sad or even cry when you remember bad events, you are terrified of spiders, you sleep badly or indulge in bad habits, not because you want to, but because your lingering emotions will trigger behavioral mechanisms that will make you cry for distant events, overreact to imaginary threats or engage in various bad behaviors.

Your emotional feelings are not only the most important aspect of the quality and meaning of life, they are the most undeniable proof that you are much more than a soulless, heartless and purposeless biochemical machine. You are a human being in search of meaning, purpose and happiness! Obviously, everyone wants to be happy. However, your lingering emotional feelings - whether painful, happy, fearful or traumatic - will largely determine the outcome of your journey to happiness. What really makes the difference between a happy and fulfilled life and an unhappy life is the predominant daily mindset resulting from the balance between good and bad feelings that still linger in your emotional memory and are unintentionally projected into the emotional background of your daily reality.

When you are trapped in an emotional reality of stress, anxiety, traumas or other uncomfort  able or painful feelings, you have the choice to perceive them as an unavoidable part of life and  believe that the best you can do is to learn to cope with them, or see them as a harmful presence that you would like to uproot and leave behind. My belief is not only that you can, but that you have to let go of your unpleasant feelings that keep you trapped in your past. Living with stress, anxiety or other uncomfortable feelings is as if walking with stones in your shoes! You will no longer be able to focus on your priorities. Your unwanted feelings will distract your attention, interfere with your thoughts, and most likely end up draining all your energy. Learn how to listen to your body’s whispers before they turn into painful screams.

Do not fall into the trap of false belief that there is nothing more you can do to change your fate! If you'll neglect them, negative feelings can accumulate and wreak havoc in all aspects of your emotional and somatic health. Although you cannot change the factual past, you can still control the emotional memory of your past experiences - by reprogramming the subconscious patterns of your unpleasant emotional reactions. Surprisingly, what has a strong impact on all aspects of your daily life is not the events themselves but the lingering emotional memory created by the perception of past events. That is why, whether you are at the beginning of your misery or you are already living with unpleasant negative feelings on a daily basis, hypnotherapy is an option to consider. Even if you feel overwhelmed by trauma, stress, or anxiety that seems to resist all other approaches, Somatic Hypnotherapy could still be of help.

Hypnotherapy has evolved considerably throughout its existence and especially since Dr. James Braid described it in terms of empirical medical approach, in 1843. Nowadays, there are several types of hypnotherapy whose philosophy, approach to problem solving and the results differ considerably. Somatic Hypnotherapy is a very particular type of therapy under hypnosis which is distinguished by its pragmatic approach and above all by its spectacular results. While conventional hypnotherapy focus on adding successive layers of positive feelings on top of your persistent negative feelings, Somatic Hypnotherapy helps you identify, assess and root out unpleasant feelings, as you see fit. Rather than adding new elements in the hope of restoring balance and health - as other approaches do - this approach aims to identify and suppress the factors of imbalance. This is why this is the quickest and most natural approach to rebalancing a dysfunctional system.

Unlike conventional approaches in hypnotherapy that aim to help you "learn" new patterns of positive emotional responses, Somatic Hypnotherapy helps you "unlearn" your negative patterns. Thus, thanks to its customized approach, Somatic Hypnotherapy can help you break free of various unpleasant feelings that keep you trapped in your past and prevent you from living in the present moment. Somatic Hypnotherapy can help relieve stress, anxiety, traumas, phobias, grief, guilt, shame, pain, unwanted behaviors, bad habits, insomnia and mu ch more. With time and experience, this approach has proven to be so reliable and effective that the principle of " NO RESULTS - NO PAY " has become the guarantor of the seriousness and ethics of my work and it applies to all my therapies. I love my work! I have made it my mission to help people, and my excellent references bear witness to it.

Improving stress and anxiety is at the heart of my approach because not only it is an exponentially growing epidemic, but persistent or very intense stress and anxiety have a negative impact on many health and wellness issues. Unfortunately, discouraged by unsuccessful attempts to reduce stress and anxiety, people often end up falling into the false belief that emotional stress is inevitable because it is caused by stressful events beyond our control. Yet, people living under similar stressful conditions of traffic, work, finances, health and family, won’t experience the same level of stress and anxiety. This is because no one passively undergoes the facts of life. It is up to each of us to evaluate them, to make sense of the facts of everyday life and perceive them as stressful, traumatic, emotionally neutral or joyful events.

Most conventional therapies are aimed at teaching you how to develop good lifestyles that would help you avoid thoughts, images and situations that would trigger your lingering unpleasant feelings. Yet, stress, anxiety and other unpleasant emotional responses are not an inevitable result of difficult life events, but rather the avoidable result of inappropriate or unhealthy emotional responses to life events. Moreover, unhealthy emotional responses are very difficult to control by the rational mind alone because they are not the result of a rational process. They arise from patterns of emotional reactions stored in the subconsciousness! However, I hope you have better things to do in your life than continuously learning to deal with your unpleasant feelings.

You are entitled to live the life that suits you! You should be able to browse through the images of your unpleasant memories and to think about anything you want, without the fear of triggering your once unpleasant feelings. While the process of intentionally learning by the conscious mind of a certain reflex, habit or pattern of emotional response may require long and sustained effort, the process of learning by the subconscious mind occurs almost instantly. The subconscious mind only needs a split second of a situation perceived to be life-threatening, very dangerous or emotionally very strained, for it to learn an unhealthy emotional response. The good news is that by using the right approach, the subconscious mind can unlearn unhealthy emotional response patterns as quickly as it has learned them.

When looking for extraordinary results, you better consider extraordinary approaches! Dare to think outside the box! What if - as if by magic - you can achieve the serenity of being able to think about anything you wanted and your thoughts would no longer trigger any of your once unpleasant or painful feelings? As incredible as it might sound, this is what Somatic Hypnotherapy can help you accomplish! At the end of your therapy, while browsing through your worst memories, you will feel as if your heart has relieved or even completely forgotten the stressful, anxious, traumatic or painful component of unpleasant events of your past experiences or future projections on which we worked, while your cognitive memory keeps the associated images and factual details intact.

With somatic hypnotherapy you won't undergo a passive script therapy. The beauty of this approach is that I’ll assist you in the process of self-re-arranging the perception of your reality as you feel fit. Your subconscious mind will submissively respond to your wishes and follow the instructions. I will be there for you, mostly guiding and assisting you throughout your process of change. Thus, you will become the craftsman of your own change. While under somatic hypnosis, the moment your subconscious mind agrees to break with the unpleasant feelings of the past, your new emotional reality kicks in and you will clearly feel that there is no longer any unpleasant feeling associated with the events we worked.*

Although at the end of your therapy you will be completely free from any feelings of anxiety, stress, trauma, pain, or other unpleasant feelings from the past that we have been working on, the end of your therapy is just the begining of your healing process. Having solved your past issues is not a guarantee of a safe proofed future. For, although Somatic Hypnotherapy definitely helps you reset your past issues, this approach is not a kind of a magic spell that will protect you against future issues. My job is to help you identify and remove the padlocks that keep you locked in your self-limiting reality. I won't even try to push you out of the prison you've built for yourself, or to make you sleepwalk the rest of your life. Living your life is your job.

This innovative approach to health and wellness is so effective that you will not only be able to solve several inter-related issues in one session, but you will get your good results on the spot, throughout and mainly at the end of your session. Somatic Hypnotherapy can help when nothing else has worked! The only "magic" ingredients in your spectacular change are the skills of your hypnotherapist and your willingness to change.

My promise is that you’ll experience a significant improvement in your issue right after your first therapy session, provided that the issue you want to work is within my area of expertise and Somatic Hypnotherapy is your therapy of choice. If you will not see any improvement at the end of your first session, I will not accept your money.

Discover how to use your subconscious mind to beautify your life by turning your stress, anxiety, trauma and pain into mere distant memories. Learn to listen to your heart, to trust your intuition and the wisdom of your spirit. Your heart and your spirit are much smarter than you think!

You are here for a reason and whatever that reason is, don't allow it to cripple your life.

The principles of the guarantee "No result - no pay" applies to all my therapies.

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*The results may vary from person to person.

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