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    Your mind is much more powerful than you think!

Your conscious mind governs your rational thinking and thoughtful actions, while your subconscious mind operates like an automatic pilot guided by your instincts, habits and emotions. Although they work so differently, the consciousness and the subconsciousness work together to help you survive the dangers and thrive.

By tapping into the vast resources of your subconscious mind you can unleash your potential and get thus what you really want out of life; you can become happier, healthier and more confident, you can improve your life and live it in the present. Happiness, health and serenity are not accidents that randomly happen to some people and not to others. These are long-term goals and aspirations that you can actively envision, seek out and attain. Discover how to use the vast resources of your subconscious mind to beautify your life.

Fifty years ago when the cognitive behavioral model was launched, its enthusiastic promoters had wrongly assumed that intentional thoughts alone could control emotions and behavior. Although the cognitive model is still very popular, this theory is only one of the 82 contemporary theories of behavior. Nowadays, the scientific community and health professionals agree that emotions have a powerful grip on all aspects of everyday life. In real life, when you are overwhelmed by strong emotional feelings, you tend to think, say and do things you would not think, say, or do if you were in a neutral state of mind.

Learn to listen and to trust your feelings, because they are not only the most important aspect of the quality and meaning of your life, they are the most undeniable proof that you are a human, not a soulless and heartless biochemical machine. What makes the difference between a fulfilling happy life and an unhappy life is the quality of your feelings, the balance between the good and bad feelings that you experience throughout your life. Since your feelings don’t spring out of your desires but are the outcome of your subconsciously driven emotional responses, the quickest and most effective way to control your unwanted feelings is to control the patterns of your emotional responses to life events.

When you are trapped by uncomfortable feelings, you have the choice to accept them as un unavoidable part of your life and learn to cope with your negative feelings, or uproot them by reprogramming the patterns of your unpleasant emotional reactions. My belief is not only that you can, but you should free yourself from your unpleasant feelings that keep you trapped in your past. If you'll neglect them, negative feelings can accumulate and wreak havoc in all aspects of your emotional and somatic health. Thus, whether you are at the beginning of your misery, disappointed with other approaches or you are already living with unpleasant negative feelings on a daily basis, somatic hypnotherapy is an option to consider. Do not fall into the trap of the false belief that there is nothing left to do to change your fate. Whenever looking for outstanding results, try out of the ordinary approaches. Dare to think outside the box!

Hypnotherapy has evolved considerably since Dr. James Braid described it in terms of medical approach, in 1843. Nowadays, there are several types of hypnotherapy whose philosophy, approach to problem solving and results differ considerably. Thanks to its customized approach, somatic hypnotherapy can help you break free of various unpleasant feelings that keep you trapped in your past and prevents you from living in the present moment. Somatic hypnotherapy can help you significantly improve your unwanted feelings such as stress, anxiety, traumas, phobias, grief, guilt, shame, pain, as well as unwanted behaviors, addictions, insomnia and mu ch more. I love my work and my excellent references testify to it. Thus, with time and experience, the principle of "no results - no pay" has become the guarantor of the seriousness and ethics of my work and applies to all my therapies.

Although in everyday conversations the words “fear”, “stress” and “anxiety” seem to be interchangeable, for the sake of academic rigor and linguistic hygiene, I must say that these words do not have the same semantic or academic value, as they describe different feelings with a different neurobiology. A fearful reaction to a real danger, in real time and as long as the reaction is proportional to the danger, is called fear. When the fearful reaction is unfounded, disproportionate and always related to a past event, the reaction is called stress. When stressful experiences of the past are projected into the future, the fearful reaction induced by the anticipated fear of a future negative outcome is called anxiety. While fear is an innate emotional response that is not only helpful but essential to survival, persistent or intense stress and anxiety are negative, toxic and energy-draining feelings.

Even if it is a fearful feeling you experience in present time, stress always relates to past events and anxiety always relates to anticipated negative outcomes. Because stress and anxiety are always time-shifted, the vast majority of stress and anxiety coping strategies revolve around the concept of living in the present. All these strategies are intended to temporarily divert and monopolize your attention to keep it as long as possible in the present. Most likely, as soon as you are done with your trick to cope with stress and anxiety, whether it is the practice of yoga, mindfulness, art-therapy, pet therapy, physical training, jogging, fishing, hunting or any other relaxing activity, you will begin your descent into your initial stressful and anxious state of mind. If you think you have better things to do in your life than continually manage your stressful or anxious thoughts, then consider somatic hypnotherapy.

Improving stress and anxiety is at the core of my approach because not only are they an exponentially growing epidemic, but persistent or very intense stress and anxiety have a negative impact on many health and wellness issues. Unfortunately, discouraged by their unsuccessful attempts to reduce stress and axiety, people often end up confusing the innate fear response with stress that is a learned response and fall into the false belief that emotional stress is inevitable because it is caused by stressful events beyond our control. Yet, people living under similar stressful conditions of traffic, work, finances, health and family, won’t experience the same level of stress and anxiety. This is because no one passively undergoes the facts of life. It is up to us to evaluate them, to make sense of the facts of everyday life and perceive them as stressful, traumatic, emotionally neutral or joyful events.

Stress, anxiety and other unpleasant emotional feelings are the outcome of disproportionate or unhealthy emotional responses to life events. Disproportionate emotional responses are very difficult to handle by the rational mind alone because they stem from patterns of emotional reactions stored in the subconscious mind. Although the process of conscious learning of a certain reflex, habit, or emotional response may require a long and sustained effort, things can go in no time for the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind needs only a split second of a situation perceived as life threatening, dangerous or very tensed, to learn an unhealthy emotional response. The good news is that by using the right approach, the subconscious mind can unlearn the disproportionate or unhealthy emotional response patterns as quickly as it has learned them.

Unlike conventional approaches in hypnotherapy that aim to help you "learn" new patterns of positive emotional responses, somatic hypnotherapy aims to help you "unlearn" your unhealthy emotional patterns. Thus, while conventional hypnotherapy focus on adding successive layers of positive feelings on top of persistent negative feelings, somatic hypnotherapy aims to help uproot the unwanted negative feelings, thoughts and behaviors. As a matter of fact, the quickest and most natural approach to rebalancing a diseased living system is to eliminate the imbalance factors rather than adding new elements in the hope of regaining balance and health. That's why my pragmatic approach is to help you identify, evaluate and overcome your unpleasant feelings, as you wish.

With somatic hypnotherapy you won't undergo a passive script therapy. The beauty of this approach is that I’ll assist you in the process of self re-arranging the perception of your reality as you feel fit. Your subconscious mind will submissively respond and follow your instructions. I will be there for you, mostly guiding and assisting you throughout your process of change. Thus, you will become the craftsman of your own change. While under somatic hypnosis, the moment your subconscious mind agrees to break with the unpleasant feelings of the past, your new emotional reality kicks in and you will clearly feel that there is no longer any unpleasant feeling associated with the events we worked-out.*

This innovative approach to health and well-being is so effective that not only you will be able to solve several interrelated problems during the same therapy session, but you will assess your good results on the spot, throughout and mainly at the end of your session. The only "magic" ingredients of such a spectacular change are the talent of your hypnotherapist, his know-how and your willingness to change.

My promise is that you’ll experience a significant improvement in your issue right after your first therapy session, provided that the issue you want to work out is within my area of expertise and the somatic hypnotherapy is your therapy of choice. If you will not see any improvement at the end of your first session, I will not accept your money.

Learn to listen to your heart, to trust your intuition and the wisdom of your spirit. Your heart and your spirit are much smarter than you think!

You are here for a reason and whatever that reason is, don't allow it to cripple your life.

The "No Results - No Pay" principle applies to all my therapies.

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*The results may vary from person to person.

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