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 The pathway to change

       Despite their wealth or successful careers, most people are still searching for a pathway to happiness.

Gradually, we realize that happiness is not about people, wealth or situations, but about how we perceive these things. As we age, we tend to realize that happiness is only about our feelings.

By following our emotional path, we understand that it is not necessarily life events, but rather our core beliefs that are responsible for how we feel. Our belief system acts like a filter, and regardless of what happens outside, it alters our perception and makes us feel the way we feel.

Following your therapy in Somatic Hypnotherapy, you’ll most likely get rid of most, if not all the piled-up anxiety and stress-related symptoms. Yet, although this powerful therapy will probably winnow away all your accumulated stress and anxiety, somatic hypnotherapy won’t block your ability to experience new fears that, with time, may lead to an accumulation of fresh anxieties and stress.

Somatic Hypnotherapy sessions are windows of opportunity for changing your life so that you can avoid future problems, rather than a lifelong, lasting shield against all future problems. You really change your life only by changing your beliefs.

The first step in changing a core belief is to actually identify it. Without awareness and a conscious commitment to change, your old habits and beliefs will sabotage your efforts to change.







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